Facesitting (action, face, lick, amazing) Kosciusko !

lick face (Facesitting).
Release Year: 2013
Genres: Femdom, Humiliation
Video language: English

Amazing female domination Face sitting and pussy licking action. Enjoy!

Format: mp4
Duration: 10:11
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7796kbps
Audio: 153kbps

Facesitting - lick, amazing, face, action face amazing lick - (Facesitting)
Facesitting. Facesitting...

lick amazing action - (Facesitting)
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Facesitting (amazing, lick, action).


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Jolene Hexx – Jolene Beats Up A Bum (kissing, media video) Gammelstad .

Jolene Hexx - Jolene Beats Up A Bum - kissing, face, piss.

Jolene’s loser squatter slave just ate all her food. She is mightily pissed and starts slapping and punching him as soon as she walks in the room. She slaps his face over and over again and then throws him down on the floor and kicks him with her sneakers. He is pathetically begging for mercy and kissing and licking her shoes.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 5:13
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video V8
Audio: 156kbps

Jolene Hexx - Jolene Beats Up A Bum. Jolene Hexx - Jolene Beats Up A Bum (kissing, piss, face, media video)
Jolene Hexx - Jolene Beats Up A Bum Jolene Hexx - Jolene Beats Up A Bum.

Jolene Hexx - Jolene Beats Up A Bum...
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face media video kissing piss (Jolene Hexx - Jolene Beats Up A Bum)...


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Men Are Slaves Porn Videos Part 18 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack
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There are many ways to watch tv, Brittany though prefers doing it while sitting on a slaves face. She likes it even more when she can torture a slave at the same time. With the electric shocker resting on the slaves balls and the trigger under her heel, Brittany mercilessly zaps his balls over and over again. ‘Does that hurt?’ Brittany sweetly asks, without really caring. She giggles every time she delivers an electric shock to the slaves balls, all the while sitting comfortably on the slaves face. ‘This is hilarious’ she says as the slave yells into her ass and desperately tries to breathe and yell at the same time. ‘Shut up!’ she finally yells as she grows tired of his complaining. At least her ass muffles his screams so she can watch tv in peace!

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Men Are Slaves Porn Videos Part 18 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack - man, domination, face! Men Are Slaves Porn Videos Part 18 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack.

Men Are Slaves Porn Videos Part 18 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack
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Cocksacrifice (face, video) Mid Florida …


I know just what makes you weak, putty in my hands. You’re just another weak ass bitch, addicted to my big white cheeks. Fantasizing about touching, smelling, tasting, feeling the weight of it on your face.

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Cocksacrifice Cocksacrifice - new, video, ass, face, big
Cocksacrifice Cocksacrifice.

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Veronica Snow – Training A Slave Bitch Conover .

Veronica Snow - Training A Slave Bitch...
Cast: Veronica Snow
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Princess Veronica Snow rules her kingdom with a hardcore smile and a firm hand. She always gets what she wants. Her bitch boy sissy maid has been eating her ass for quite a while and he will be eating it longer still. He doesn’t deserve her beautiful pussy, only her sweaty ass. He does as she instructs. When she is tired of him, she slaps his face and orders him to get back to cleaning like the little bitch boy he is. Veronica Snow has her sissy bitch continuously cleaning while she is out fucking better men. She comes home and feeds him the cum from the condom that was worn by her bull. Down the big load goes down her bitch’s pathetic throat. She decides that she wants him to pleasure her hot young pussy with a dildo gag while she thinks about her hugely hung stud. Her sissy slave pleasures her with the dildo gag while she moans and verbally taunts him. Princess Veronica enters the room, smirking at her sissy bitch. “We’re going to see how much cock control you have!” she laughs at her pathetic man. Veronica bends her slave over so he is only inches away from her beautiful pussy. She pleasures herself with her vibrator while making him watch. He isn’t allowed to taste or touch her but is so close he can smell her wetness but is helpless to do anything about it. He feels so humiliated in that sissy maid dress. Veronica then puts a wig and lipstick on her bitch and makes him curtsy for her. Princess Veronica grows tired of her sissy’s terrible walk. “How are you going to be my little blowjob whore if you cannot even act cute?” says a very bratty Veronica. Veronica suddenly notices why he was walking so funny. He was trying to hide his boner. She laughs at his pathetic hard-on and decides she will let him use it….to fuck her blow-up lamby. She commands him to fuck the inflatable lamby while laughing at him and making him say “baaaa” just like a lamby over and over again. She lets him cum inside of it, but he must now eat it! Princess Veronica knows what time it is. It’s time to show her sissy how to be a proper slut. First she sees how well her sissy can suck her cock. Then she bends him over the couch and lifts up his sissy maid dress. Next she pushes her big cock into his tight, aching pussy. She fucks him hard and deep, laughing and making fun of him while he groans from the size of her cock and humiliation. Veronica doesn’t stop, she only moves him into a better position, so she can see his pathetic cock flop away as she fucks his pussy.

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:28
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 11722kbps
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Veronica Snow - Training A Slave Bitch - deep, face, lips, hand Veronica Snow - Training A Slave Bitch
Veronica Snow - Training A Slave Bitch (hand, face, deep). Veronica Snow - Training A Slave Bitch (hand, lips, face, tit)

Veronica Snow - Training A Slave Bitch - tit, hand, lips.
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Veronica Snow - Training A Slave Bitch (face, deep, lips, tit, hand)


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Hardcore European Femdom Porn Videos Videos Part 10 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack Taipei .

Hardcore European Femdom Porn Videos Videos Part 10 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack.
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This was the first scene that Nasty Mistress did with Scallywag. Mistress makes the slave worship her heavy steel-toe capped boots. The slave was licking them and kissing them all over. Mistress was playing very sweet and innocent telling the slave his efforts were good and that he was a good boy. We never saw Nasty Mistress act so gentle but she knew that this was just a mind game because after the boot worship she really went crazy slapping his face!

Hardcore European Femdom Porn Videos Videos Part 10 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack (genres, femdom, very, face) Hardcore European Femdom Porn Videos Videos Part 10 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack - femdom, very, face, genres, hardcore
Hardcore European Femdom Porn Videos Videos Part 10 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack... Hardcore European Femdom Porn Videos Videos Part 10 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack

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By this point Fuck face is tired and exhausted but The Bitchy aren’t ready to give the guy a break just yet. They torment his cheeks one last time with face slaps. The slaps in the 2 previous clips were more sever but his cheeks were already swollen red. The Bitchy play a new game and slap him together on opposite cheeks at the same time. The Giggling Bitchy enjoy every minute of this.

Hardcore European Femdom Porn Videos Videos Part 22 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack. Hardcore European Femdom Porn Videos Videos Part 22 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack.
Hardcore European Femdom Porn Videos Videos Part 22 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack - download, genres, face, enjoy hard download genres enjoy (Hardcore European Femdom Porn Videos Videos Part 22 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack)...

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Mia Malkova - men, face, new, vid
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Mia Malkova is a bewitching beauty, she effortlessly casts spells on men turning them in to her submissive pets. Her ass is entrancing and she enjoys having a man in-between her luscious full cheeks. Mia sits on her pets face completely his mouth & nose. He gasps for air, but what a way to go! She summons her book because she is planning to stay perched on his face for awhile.

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Mia Malkova - vid, face, new. Mia Malkova - men, vid, beauty.
Mia Malkova face new vid - (Mia Malkova)

beauty vid new face (Mia Malkova)!
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Mia Malkova


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Nina Hartley – Plaything Cock Jerk (video, jerking) Tunnel !

Nina Hartley - Plaything Cock Jerk (face, mistress, jerking).
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Mistress Nina Hartley enjoys controlling the cocks of her slaves, making them cum on her command. This slave is so under her command that the very sound of her voice makes his cock jump up and down from excitement. While Nina sits on her slave’s face, getting her pussy pleasured by his tongue, she completely controls his cock, expertly edging it until it is rock hard, then smacking it back down, denying his orgasm again and again. When Nina has had enough oral worship, she concentrates on jerking her slave’s cock; it is just a plaything in her control. When she finally decides to let him cum, she makes sure that he eats his load while she uses her foot to squeeze the last bit of cum out of his cock

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Nina Hartley - Plaything Cock Jerk (face, jerk, mistress, video) Nina Hartley - Plaything Cock Jerk - jerking, jerk, video, face, mistress
Nina Hartley - Plaything Cock Jerk (video, jerk, jerking, face, mistress) jerk face mistress - (Nina Hartley - Plaything Cock Jerk)

mistress jerk jerking - (Nina Hartley - Plaything Cock Jerk)
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Nina Hartley - Plaything Cock Jerk.


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hard cock sweet (Amara Romani).
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Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention, And knows just how to get out of it early, She locks the door and puts a leash on Mr Johnson the teacher and tells him she isn’t wearing any panties she puts him on his knees and starts rubbing her pussy telling him how wet she gets controlling men, and masturbates right in his face them shoves her fingers in his mouth and tells him too strip and lay down, Then she slides her wet pussy back and forth on his hard cock grinding on it as she moans and talks dirty to him then she explodes in orgasm and tells him not to touch his dick or jerk off until she gives him permission, Then takes his wallet from the desk and takes his credit card and leaves but promises to see him again tomorrow , left frustrated Mr Johnson just lays there hoping tomorrow could come quicker, He knows he is her bitch, and always gives her little bratty ass her way. Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention for the second time this week, but knows just how to use Mr. Johnson and get out early and even plans on getting some cash today, She uses her sexy little outfits and wears no panties and always gets her way, She is a spoiled Brat, she will financially drain you and use you for her own needs and desires, Today She grinds her ass on Mr. Johnsons face until she has cum all over it, then she makes him kiss her precious ass and beg to lick and worship it more, after she has finished with him she empties his wallet and laughs at how pathetic Mr johnson is, The Power Of the Pussy! Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention for the third time this week and tells Mr. Johnson that she needs to leave in like 5 minutes, So what can she do to get out of it, He tells her she shouldn’t ne suck a naughty little Brat girl and that he had planned to do the unicorn thing today, she tells him she needs more money, Mr. johnson says but Amara, I gave you cash yesterday and my credit card she asks if he has his checkbook And tells him again in snotty tone that she needs to leave in 5 minutes, He writes her a check for 2,000 dollars He is weekend and submissive by her sexiness Mr. Johnson attaches a chindo to his head like a unicorn but cant seem to find her pussy, so Amara puts it on his chin and rides his face until she cums then thanks him and leaves with her 2000 dollar check and says see you tomorrow sucker. Brat Dom Amara is back for day 4 of detention, and Mr. Johnson is ready laying on the desk in a blue pair of speedos with a boner she see her opportunity and walks over and starts to stroke his dick telling him how big it is, when her collared boyfriend Toby walks in and says what the fuck Amara she immediately smacks him to his knees telling him that his dick is tiny and Mr. johnson has a big one and pays her, So now you get to watch my teacher fuck me Bitch boy, First Mr. Johnson licks he sweet wet pussy then he fucks her hard and fast as she has an orgasm screaming to her boyfriend Toby that she can’t ever even feel his tiny dicklet, Then she demands that toby eat out all Mr. johnsons filthy cum goo. After eating Mr.Johnsons man filth Brat Dom Amara Romani has blindfolded her boyfriend telling him she will be back with a big surprise for him, when she returns she is wearing a 12″ inch strap on cock and tells him if you want to stay with me bitch you’re going to slather up this cock and beg me to fuck your little boy pussy with it, He gets to work right away like a professional cock gobbler he chokes and gags and drools all over her dick then she bends him over and tells him that this is how they will be fucking from now on and reminds him who wears the pants in this relationship, as she pounds huis ass even harder yelling who’s my bitch , he moans back I am Goddess Amara.

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hard cock strap face - (Amara Romani) Amara Romani.
Amara Romani. Amara Romani (sweet, hard cock, strap).

strap sweet (Amara Romani).
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strap hard cock (Amara Romani).


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